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Don't get stung!

How you can get stung by other companies, and why we're different

All recyclers operate in a similar way, as we have shown in the flowchart of how things work below. But there is one key difference between us and the competition which is our free returns policy! Don't get stung by high return fees from the competitors!

You fill in the information about your item and receive a website quote price.

You send your item to us.

Now the key difference between us and the others.

If you got a bit of the specification wrong, or forgot to indicate some damage - no problem! You are emailed a new price for you to accept or decline.

Decline the price with us and your item is returned FREE!

Decline the item with our competitors and the could charge you up to £40 to return your item! OUCH!

This means they can offer an price they want, and if you don't like it, it'll cost you up to £40 just to get your item back!